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Survival math book review

Survival Math ends as it begins, with a letter. Addressed to Jackson's teen daughter, the epilogue is part apology, part vow, and entirely. This is a hard one to review. "Survival Math" is not a traditional linear memoir. It's mostly autobiographical essays woven together on a variety of topics--love,. There is no mother tongue. All of it migrates out of the body, out of a tangle of sensations and intuitions, obscure rancor and desires; we hunt racks. Mitchell S. Jackson’s debut memoir “Survival Math” (★★1/2 out of four, 336 pp., Scribner) is assembled as a collage, a memoir-in-essays that.

These are powerful stories of survival in the face of tremendous odds, rendered in a consistently intriguing hybrid of the street-cool hip-hop mathematics of Mos Def and the bluesy, ancestry-minded prison-cell work of Etheridge Knight (especially “The Idea of Ancestry”). Survival Math book. Read reviews from world’s largest community for readers. Survival Math takes its name from the calculations Mitchell and his family made to keep safe - to stay alive - in their community, a small black neighborhood in Portland, Oregon blighted by drugs, violence, poverty, and governmental neglect. Survival Math is both a personal reckoning and a vital addition to the national conversation about race. Survival Math makes it clear that blackness is never a deficit. And yet as Jackson reminds us, even those of us who are black men must be certain not to rely on a computational system, steeped in anti-black racist patriarchy, to save ourselves while. “In Survival Math, Mitchell Jackson pens a honest, first-hand account of a family caught up in the game. This book is like no other in the singular way that Jackson unpacks their lives with a rare eloquence and intelligence, spinning a tale that is by turns sad, horrifying, illuminating, and uplifting. In short: a dope book by a dope writer.” Through these, readers access the heart and mind of a man who has lived in the midst of gentrification and drug dealing. (In one unforgettable scene, he.

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Survival math book review

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